Mike and Rita on the Road

More from Hoi An

As a major tourist town there are just a few things to do. Sight see as the whole city is a UN Heritage site so that the whole of the old town is drop dead beautiful . They even have the old town painted in old fashioned paint so the walls all have a special textural color quality on the stucco. You can  have custom tailored clothes made as there are scores of  tailors that will make any item of clothing you can think of . Each shop has fashion mags and books showing the stryles of each kind of clothing you would want. Of course Rita has had a few things made for herself. And then there is eating as all of these tourists have to eat and drink and we are no exception.One spot we like is the Cafe 96. That is actually the addresss as many businesses go by their address instead of a formal name. The 96 is right on the river so the view is great and we have managed to get a doorway (no windows just an open front) table where we enjoyed a nice lunch. I had a  sandwich on a baguette, Rita had a avocado and shrimp salad, and an order of fresh spring rolls and we were set.  Lets not forget the drinks . A glass of wine and a beer rounded out   the bill of fare for lunch.

Our lunch at Cafe 96 on the river

Lunch at Cafe 96

wall inside cafe 96

Rita with a Margarita

Inside Cafe 96

There are many boats that are actually woven bamboo baskets that are waterproofed using pine pitch. These are neat kinds of boats and this is a video of the smallest used and they are used in the ocean. Fascinating. Here is a video of two of these baskets being launched.


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