Mike and Rita on the Road

Hoi An

Window detail on Hoi An Street

Window detail -Hoi An

Well we arrived in Hoi An via sleeping bus. The experience  was ok but the bathroom was out of order so that put a damper on the trip but we made it in good shape. Hoi An is a UN Heritage City  and has a wonderful feel about it. Here are some pictures of  Hoi An people and architecture.

Breakfast at the Cargo Club

Continential Breakfast at the Cargo Club

In case her face does not give it all away Rita is a happy camper, so to speak, at this point. Me too. Pastry- Breakfast of Champions, Slackers too.

We have the transportation situation fairly well in hand. We hoof it a bit , especially for breakfast at the Cargo Club for pastries. I rented a bicycle for exercise and exploring and we have a motorcycle for zipping around to the beach and such. China beach is just a short drive and we have been a few times already but the wind has a considerable bite though nothing that Minnesotans would recognize as cold,but it is to us.

There are several things that I admire about the Vietnamese since we have begun our visits. They are an industrious people and I like to think we in the US are as well but here they must make everything count. To that end they build special large  baskets  and cover the outside with pine pitch and then call them boats. These boats range from rounds about 8 ft across that are propelled with a paddle and believe it or not they take them out in the ocean fishing. The biggest we have seen are in the 20 ft plus size and have small diesel engines and of course are also taken into the ocean

Basket Boat Fishermen Done for the day

Basket Boat Fisherman done for the day.

Three bathing beauties in a basket-boat
Three Beauties and a Basket -Boat



Basket Boats on the Beach

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