Mike and Rita on the Road

Na Trang , Vietnam

Well we have spent a few days in Na Trang , Vietnam. A seaside city of 300 K or so. After the French, Russians and Italians  leave that should drop 100k or so. European visitors are the norm here. We have not run into many US tourists in Cambodia or Vietnam.

Beach Cabanas at night
Beach Cabanas at night

This is a picture we took from the balcony of our room of the cabanas that are lit at night. The city has done a great job on their waterfront. Paved walkways and large park areas with sculptures and topiary. This was a great visit.


Neon Banner over beach road

Neon Banner Over Beach Road

We have a room overlooking the beach however there is  main road between us and the beach. This is ok as we get to see all the scooters in Vietnam go by. Crossing the road is relatively simple. Just start walking and they don’t hit you, just don’t think that the buses will do the same. Part of the adventure of travel.


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