Mike and Rita on the Road

The Crabs and such as we get ready to move

Rita Settles into Kim Ly guest house without much trouble.

Rita on the porch

Well we were staying up on the mountain at  The Vanna Bungalows . Really a lovely place. Affordable and with the amenities to make things comfortable. But they are building and yesterday the hammer drill and skill saw (with a dull blade) started and we moved .  Here are a few pictures of the Kim Ly Guest house. We have eaten crabs every day for a week and Rita shows no sign of slowing. Me, well thats another story.

Plate of crabs
Crabs in keeper pot

Crabs in keeper pot

Our crab restaurants are , I think I mentioned this, right next to the water and at high tide one nightI was splashed by incoming waves. That is the fortunes of crab eating.
Our lunch crabs are kept in these keeper pots/cages and the ladies go  out and get them as needed. They are not all blue as you can see

Close up of lunch

Our lunch close up. Grandson alexi loves crabs so this close up is for  him. I think its neat too. Hey Alexi,Luca, Sam, Max and of course OLI from Cambodia. This is actually Kep, Cambodia that is famous for its crab market and of course Grand Rita just had to come so we could get our fill of crabs and we did. Last night she didn’t even eat dinner as we had a big lunch. Off to Vietnam this morning, March 1.


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