Mike and Rita on the Road

Laid back in Kep, Cambodia

Crab Keeper Cages.
Rita goes to Crab Market Kep

Rita on the Way to the Crab Market

Our  guesthouse is near the “Crab Market” and so we walk though there are tuk tuks available to haul you around for not much money a dollar or two. Our guesthouse is on a hill and when we arrived , with all our luggage , a helper rode along and when the tuk tuk , these are powered by 125 cc motorcycles at most or about 10 times smaller that a Harley, started up the hill the helper jumped out and started to push.  So that’s why the helper!!

Crabs are kept in these “keeper” cages until needed shortly before being cooked. These cages are next to the tables of the Crab Market Restaurants. Dinner will run 10-20 US$ or 40,000-80,000 reils and both work.
Crab Keeper Cages Next to Restaurants


Crab keeper  and crab fleet.

Waterfront at Kep

This is the scene at the crab market when we arrive for our lunch. There is a lot of activity around the market including cooking and selling live and cooked crabs. Some of the  women carry small scales that hook onto the handles of the bags the hold the crabs to check the weight. We would love to have the family here to enjoy the crabs with us. Well its off to dinner as the sun is beginning to get lower in the sky.

Making doors

Making doors on site

Our guest house is expanding like crazy, adding rooms to get to 21 from current 17. There are 15 people working on a couple op projects that we see from our porch. This picture is of the carpenter actually millwright shop that is on the property. The Carpenters make all the doors and window frames/windows for all I know but don’t see any  in the works . I see beds being finished near the new rooms and think those are also made on site. The wood is beautiful an probably in the mahogany family though much harder than most varieties. They get by with the minimum/crudest of tools and do nice work considering.


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