Mike and Rita on the Road

Happy New Year!!! Chinese Style.

We are off to the carving village today as we are sending back a cubic meter of carved faces and other handicrafts from a carving villagr. We miss the carved monk faces that we have sold so we are bringing back a few of the big ones and some other thing depending on what we have room for. We’ll see.

There are repeats in this slide show as I am working out the kinks in my Picassa 3 program. My kinks actually. So just watch half for now.

I took what is turning out to be my late afternoon bike ride to see the progress of the elephant float for Saturday’s parade. There doesn’t seem to be much progress since yesterday. But from what  I can understand from the workers they are not worried . I showed the supervisor , I think he was the supervisor as he was not working , my calendar on my cell phone and pointed to Saturday and he indicated that it would be ready. I don’t know how but I don’t  know how the plants/flowers will be applied. Maybe they are on some kind of lattice fabric  that will be draped over the frame work. Again, I just don’t know but am dieing to find out. Stay tuned


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