Mike and Rita on the Road

Chiang Mai 1-27-2011

We have been in Chiang Mai for a 10 days or so and we will going on up to Chaing Rai with a short jaunt with Lacky and Pat Thompson , Aussy friends of Rita’s from when she lived in Bangkok. Due to the internet connection and speed of the computer (netbook) I have taken to making a slide show movie of some representative pictures for a few days. Some are taken while on my daily bike ride(literally on the bike while riding). One of the reasons we are in Chiang Mai is for the flower festival that coincides with Chinese New Year.

There is a parade for the  and I have wondered where and how the many floats are made. On one of my rides I found a float being assembled, or at this time the parts being put together about 15 km from the parade route. As luck will have it this float will have an elephant theme . The float body is split bamboo on a lumber frame. This allows for fair curves. Today the beginning of a thin cardboard skin is being applied though I show up while the  carpenters are working on some other aspect of the float.  These pictures are mixed into the movie. See if you can find them.


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